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Profile - Brenda McLarin - Lindisfarne North Primary School

Hi, my name is Brenda McLarin 

I am the School Business Manager (SBM) at Lindisfarne North Primary School. Last year I became a member of the TSAA executive.  I am also a member of the CPSU SAAF group. Outside of school I am supported by my high school sweetheart, who I have been married to for 34 years and our 3 fantastic adult children. And this year I have reduced to 0.80 FTE to spend time with our absolutely adorable grandson who is now 15 months old. 

I was appointed as SBM at Lindisfarne North Primary School in July 2011.  I have been working in the Education Department since 2003 when I started as a School Admin Clerk at Herdsmans Cove Primary School.  

Before being permanently appointed as a SBM at Mt Faulkner Primary School in 2007 I had worked in a relief capacity as SBM at Herdsmans Cove, Lansdowne Cres, and Kempton Primary.  As SBM at Mt Faulkner I was involved in the construction of Windermere Primary. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges I experienced whilst at these schools. And being involved in the construction of a new school was very rewarding if not a tad stressful.  During 2019/2020 I worked on secondment as the Admin Coordinator at Learning Services South and returned to LNPS in the middle of the covid situation where things were so uncertain and a little crazy.  

I think I might be the only SBM to have actually moved their whole school from one campus to a new campus without it being an amalgamation, just a change of address It was a bit like moving house but at least 20 x times bigger. Lindisfarne North Primary School has grown from 285 students when we moved to 370 students today.  

The work that school admin staff undertake in 2021 is very different to the work that was required when I started in 2003, no longer are we “just” the ladies and gentlemen in the office,  we are the cogs that keep the school running as smoothly as we can, the complexities of the work we undertake has certainly increased.  

The role of a SBM is rewarding, it is also challenging, so much is required of us.  We are the type of people that give our all to the role, sometimes to our own detriment but we will continue doing the most we can to provide a safe and welcoming learning environment for students that will enable them to grow into the best adult they can be.