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Capabilities and Values Profiles Working Group

Capabilities & Values Profiles Working Group Review  

  • Lea-Anne Breganti – SBM Rokeby Primary School   
  • Ali Dennison – SBM Smithton High School   
  • Meg Barker – Project Officer Workforce Strategy   
  • Lisa Burstall – Manager Strategy, Performance and Partnerships   
  • Jakki Coombes – Assistant Manager HR Recruitment and Employment   
  • Alison Knowles – Senior Accountant Financial Services   
  • Christine Lane – Manager Engagement Strategic System Improvement   
  • Lyn Metcalfe – HR Manager HR Policy, Strategy and Wellbeing   
  • Margaret Paterson – Senior Consultant Performance   
  • Jacqui Percival – Coordinator Financial Systems   
  • Jo Pook – Manager Workplace Relations   
  • Amy Robertson - Project and Policy Coordinator Workforce Strategy   


The latest update from the Working Group Meeting held on 2 February is a list of areas where there is an indication for a need for improvement or change, some of the main highlights are: 

  • The use of the C&V Profiles within the working group is mixed, some departments within DOE utilise the C&V Profiles more than others  
  • The concept of a format which separately displays items which apply to all employees regardless of the employee’s classification is supported, although headings should be reviewed 
  • Differentiation between bands was in many cases strong, areas were highlighted where it was indicated differentiation could be improved 
  • Some of the Topics (headings) under a Domain could be amalgamated with other topics in that Domain 


Senior HR Consultants are now work through all of the comments and suggestions and will provide an updated set of C&V Profiles for the Working Group to consider as soon as possible.  

Don’t forget to check out the intranet hub for the Performance Management Framework. If you have any performance related activities on your horizon, check out the hub and the resources available, including the improved format PDP template. There are a lot of new guides for all things relating to performance discussions. https://tasedu.sharepoint.com/sites/HumanResources/SitePages/The-Performance-and-Development-Framework.aspx   


Lea-Anne Breganti & Ali Dennison