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3rd November 2017

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Chairpersons Report

Hi all,

Well we are at the final stages of the year, an extremely busy time for school offices and Admin Staff. Keep your hats on its going to be a fast ride!

The TSAA continues to work behind the scenes; busy with ongoing regular meetings with the Department’s Corporate Bodies. As always your agenda items have been tabled and discussed:-

At the last meeting with HR (24th October) the following was tabled and discussed:-

  • Update on HR Forms & Workflows – this a two year project in two parts 1. Automating all forms, 2. Workflow recruitment to be paid.
  • Can we use contract cleaners – No, existing contracts only due to the job security agreement and the binding legal obligation. But a contract cleaner can go on the relief register.
  • EFA’s RDOs – HR checking issues when EFA’s on Workers Compensation
  • Visiting Unions – the procedure will be sent to all SBMs stating that the Unions need to give the Department at least 2 days notice of visit, who will then contact the school. A reminder is being sent to all unions involved.

At the last meeting with Finance (24th October) the following was tabled and discussed:-

  • Roll out of QKR – program ready to go, needs signing off by the Executive, communication will be sent to schools in the following couple of weeks. Very positive feedback from the pilot schools – time saving and an increase in canteen sales.
  • Purchase Ordering System – there is one already in Finance 1. Finance are looking at up-dating this to ensure a more user friendly system. The business process needs to be thoroughly thought through.
  • Parent Invoices/statements to include balances – yes this is a possibility - finance to look into this. If you reprint the invoice it only give you a snapshot in time. Reminder - if you have referred an invoice to central let finserv know if there is a payment made against the referred debt.
  • Explanation when money is deposited into SRP – Changed process over the past 12 months – funding source/origin responsibility to notify the school what it’s for.
  • Levy Policy – to be out to schools shortly. Explained the need to have this sooner rather than later as there are possibly only two more School Association meetings to ratify the 2018 levies policy. In 2018 the cost of levies to be investigated for consistency across all schools
  • Surface Pro for SBMs centrally funded – finance to investigate and explore the feasibility, come up with a couple of models eg. As the Department already contributes to replacement PC in the IT budget possibility of offsetting the cost of Surface Pro.

At the last meeting with Rob Williams (24th October) the following was tabled and discussed:-

  • Surface Pro for SBMs centrally funded – investigated and explore the feasibility, come up with a couple of models eg. As the Department already contributes to replacement PC in the IT budget possibility of offsetting the cost of Surface Pro.
  • UTAS SBM Initiative – Still not being tailored to the SBM role. Encourage all to feedback to Jodee Wilson.

Next DOE Corporate meetings will be Tuesday 6th December 2017.

If you have any agenda items please email me debra.lade@education.tas.gov.au.

A huge Congratulations to Bronwyn Carroll – School Business Manager at Evandale Primary School, who has won the Education Excellence Award - School Business Manager of the year as well as the top award - Secretary’s Award for Overall Excellence. Well done Bronwyn, what a way to finish your career!! On behalf of the TSAA we would like to wish you well in your retirement.

Your 2017/2018 TSAA Executive Committee:-

Debra Lade – Chairperson

Scottsdale Primary School

Sharon Sutczak –Vice Chairperson

Brighton Primary School

Jodi Smith – Secretary

Lauderdale Primary School

Libby Ashlin – Assistant Secretary

Lindisfarne Primary School

Missy Thompson – Treasurer

Bridport Primary School

Ali Dennison – Assistant Treasurer

Smithton High School

Gail Reeves

Sorell School

Kathy Dance

Cygnet Primary School

Lea-Anne Breganti

Rokeby Primary School

Cynthia Pearce

Deloraine High School

Gail McLaren

East Devonport Primary School

Andrea Miller

Table Cape Primary School

Jess Collins

West Launceston Primary School

Don’t forget if you have any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to contact myself or any of the TSAA Executive.

Deb Lade
TSAA Chairperson

Our next TSAA Executive Meeting will be held Tuesday 28th November at Launceston College.

TSAA Sponsors 2017

The TSAA would like to acknowledge the continual patronage of our Business Partner and Sponsors for their ongoing support which participates in the success of our Conference and various programs/forums throughout the year.

Thank you, your continued support is very much appreciated.

Term Dates 2018

TSAA Calendar 2018

Work has begun on getting the 2018 TSAA calendar out to you all ready for the new year! If anyone would like additional copies of the calendar, please email Jess Collins with the quantity that you require. Additional calendars are available for a cost of $4 each.

Save the Date!

Next year, Tasmania will host the Australian Association of Government School Administrators (AAGSA) National Conference. The conference focus is ‘Leadership – Build your pathway to success’ and will be held at the Country Club Casino in Launceston on 12th & 13th July 2018.

Workplace Relations

Union Visits to Schools

Workplace Relations has recently been notified that unions have contacted schools directly seeking information about employees, particularly regarding notification of any new employees and shift details.

A school must not respond to the union or provide any information to a union as doing so may be contravening legislation.

In relation to right of entry visits, unions must advise Workplace Relations of any intended visits with two working days’ notice. Workplace Relations will then liaise with the relevant worksite in relation to the visit.

All union communication should come direct to Workplace Relations on Workplace.Relations@education.tas.gov.au who will respond to the union accordingly. In relation to visits once notified Workplace Relations will then notify the relevant worksite.

If direct communication is received from a union then please direct them to Workplace Relations.

QkR Update

Qkr is a mobile payments platform that allows parents to pay for items using their mobile phones, tablets or on their PC. The app has the ability to allow for any school payments and in particular can be used to manage a schools canteen ordering process.

A pilot is currently underway to test the Qkr app in schools. The pilot is being run in eight schools and has now been running for 16 weeks and has been received extremely positively by both school staff and parents in these schools.

One of the key performance indicators for this pilot is the take-up rate by parents. As can be seen by the following graph, this take-up has been significant and steadily growing over the course of the pilot. In total, 1156 families have signed up in the eight schools during this period.

To put this in perspective, most of the schools now have approximately 60-75% of parents signed up to use this app.

The use of this app has also led to significant time savings in the school administration area and the canteen. For the pilot schools it is estimated that between 1-3 hours per week has been saved so far in the areas of counting cash, banking, receipting and in the canteen ordering and collection process.

There has also been an increase in canteen revenue for the majority of the pilot schools.

Given the success of the pilot, it is anticipated that the Qkr app will be rolled out to other schools that are interested very soon. There will be an Expression of Interest in a SASP Update within the next few weeks.

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