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27 September 2018

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Chairpersons Report

Chairperson Report

Tasmanian School Administrators’ Association Executive in 2018 has continually dedicated time to ensure a very fruitful year, actively working on various tasks, liaising with the Department of Education, providing support, mentoring, sharing updated information, and promoting our network groups. Our objective is to promote best practice, build leadership capacities, encourage and support professional networks and expand onnew technologies and systems.

Department Meetings

The TSAA have continued their regular 6 weekly meetings with the Department’s Corporate Managers and sitting on various stakeholder groups. These meetings are an effective podium for discussion and communication to ensure that we accomplish successful outcomes that assist everyone to perform their tasks and provide the best advice for all participants. The department endorses our network meetings, which encourages discussions amongst School Business Managers to brainstorm and find solutions to issues that face us on a daily basis. If not resolved these form items for the meeting agendas.

Robert Williams – Deputy Secretary
Kane Salter & team – Finance
Paul Gourlay – Human Resources
Mark Watson – Industrial Relations
Shane Frost – EPR
Trevor Hill - IT

HPPP – High Performing People Project Stakeholder Reference Group
EMS – Employment Management Stakeholders Reference Group
WWVP – Working with Vulnerable People Card Reference Group
HRWG – HR Workflow Working Group
SFSG – School Finance Steering Group
SAAF – School Administration Advisory Forum

Business Management Development Initiative

Associate Degree in Applied Business

On Tuesday 29th May 2018 - 23 School Business Managers and Corporate Staff attended an afternoon tea at Government House to celebrate their achievement as the first graduates of the Associate degree in Applied Business facilitated through the partnership of University College of University of Tasmania, the Department of Education and the Peter Underwood Centre.

AAGSA - Australian Association of Government School Administrators

Our national association provides support for all Business Managers and Administrators to provide opportunities to view information from colleagues, interstate and internationally. AAGSA supports and represents State School Administrators in all state schools – Colleges, High Schools, Primary Schools and Special Education.

The AGM was held at the face to face the day before the National Conference held in Launceston, with changes to the Executive:

Cheryl Brownley – President (ACT)
Vacant – Vice President
Sharon Sutczak – Secretary (TAS)
Hayden Weeks – Treasurer (ACT)

Since our face to face meeting in South Australia in November last year the AAGSA committee has been working hard on finalising their strategic plan. There have been many changes and up-dates to the AAGSA website.

The two day Bi-Annual National Conference was held at Country Club Launceston Tasmania on 12th & 13th July 2018 with a theme ‘LEADERSHIP – Build your pathway to Success’.

Guest Speakers were:

Meg Salter - Motivational Business Speaker & Trainer
Professor Michael Bernard - International Consultant to Universities, organisations & governments
Mark Donohue - University Lecturer - Graduate Certificate in Education Business Leadership
Amna Karra - Hassan - founded the first ever AFL Women’s team in Western Sydney

These speakers captured the audience with their varying interpretation on Leadership.

2018 Interstate Conferences

This year the TSAA Executive voted to support the AAGSA National Conference by subsidising $100 towards the registration cost for all School Business Managers that attended.

In 2019 I would encourage all School Business Managers to consider applying for this remarkable professional learning opportunity to network with fellow Business Managers across our nation. The experience builds capacity in leadership skills and strengthens network relationships, enables conversations on new/varied practices and knowledge, challenging and motivating individuals to reach their highest potential, valuing that our interstate colleagues are not unlike us fronting the same and or similar challenges.

Network Meetings

The TSAA and the Department of Education encourages School Business Managers to join network groups in their region, where they meet with other School Business Managers to exchange and discuss issues effecting schools. This is a perfect forum to converse and share ideas. Most schools in our state belong to a network group and have regular meetings at least once per term. It is a valuable source of communication and opportunity to network with other like-minded people. Many discussion outcomes form agenda items for meetings between TSAA and DOE Corporate bodies.

We would encourage Network Groups to continue to make contact with TSAA committee members when planning upcoming meetings. Whenever possible we would like to attend your meetings to meet and offer support and encouragement to fellow SBM’s. Please let us know dates of any upcoming network meetings that you would like TSAA reps to attend.

TSAA Sub-Committees

Membership, Promotion, Administration, Budget & Consultation

Our former TSAA website has become obsolete and was in need of a much needed update and facelift. In collaboration with Schoolzine we have designed a brand new TSAA website. The development of our new website has taken a little longer than anticipated however we are going live in September. The new website includes; committee contacts, updated network groups, forum presentations, minutes of meetings, newsletter links and conference information. We look forward to launching this in September and encouraging members to use this as their ‘go to’ place for TSAA information.

We hope you are finding the new TSAA Schoolzine Bulletin publication informative and interesting. If you have items you wish to include in the Bulletin please email Jess Collins. We aim to publish two bulletins each term, keeping all SBM’s abreast of current DoE initiatives, news up-dates and items of interest and relevance.

Workplace Priorities, Staff Development and Mentoring

The workplace priorities, Staff development and mentoring team have worked collaboratively with the Professional Learning Institute over the past 12 months to develop a 3 years Professional Learning plan for non-teaching staff (EFAs, Teacher Assistants, Administration and School Business Managers). The Professional Learning Institute will be outsourcing the delivery of these programs and we look forward to further development.

The TSAA supported the School Admin Workload Review in 2017 and provided ongoing advice on a regular basis to the steering committee and Project Officers.

Our committee looks forward to the roll out of Professional Learning in the near future.

Conference, Forum & Sponsorship

This term we have been busy organising the forum at the Tailrace in Launceston. The TSAA was required to hold an AGM this year and as there was not a conference that created venue issues we saw it as an opportunity to hold it in the North of the State. We are very pleased that 111 delegates including SBM’s, Admin Officers and Department representatives have registered.

We hope you all enjoyed the presentation by our Guest Speaker, Alli Taylor and the learning opportunities around Qkr, One Note and One Drive.

Please note the 2019 Conference will be held in Hobart on Monday 2nd September and Tuesday 3rd September. It was decided to hold the conference earlier in the week to give delegates an opportunity to only have two days out of school and travel on Sunday.

TSAA Executive

A deeply deserved thank you to the TSAA Executive for their unrelenting support to all School Business Managers – Deputy Chairperson – Sharon Sutczak; Secretary – Cynthia Pearce; Assistant Secretary – Kathy Dance; Treasurer – Missy Thompson; Assistant Treasurer – Ali Dennison and Committee Members – Libby Ashlin, Gail Reeves, Andrea Miller, Lea-Anne Breganti, Jan Robertson, Gail McLaren, Jess Collins and Jodi Smith. – please accept my sincere gratitude to each and everyone of you for your continuous support and dedication that strengthens the success, growth and future of our association.

Our Conference/Forum Sub-Committee – Sharon Sutczak, Andrea Miller, Ali Dennison, Gail McLaren who have done an incredible job with the organisation and management of this year’s SBM Forum. Their enthusiasm and extraordinary team work have exhibited the efficient organisation and success of our Forum.

The committee are starting the preliminary stages of organising next year’s Tasmanian Schools Administrators’ Association Conference. This is a valuable professional learning opportunity and a great advantage to network with old and new colleagues.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish the TSAA 2018/2019 new Executive all the best for the future.

Thank you.

Deb Lade
Tasmanian School Administrators’ Association

Report from Finance Meeting

Qkr will be an option for paying invoices in 2019

Debtor Letters – some SBMs concerned with the impersonal approach with school name at end of the letter and that they were only for 2018 debts - Principals can sign above the school name but it was thought this closing would create less work for schools – It was seen that the 2018 debt was the most recoverable as it is the current debt.

Issue that Bpay does not identify the debt that the parent is paying – most schools take payments off the oldest debt first

SDR and 55/70 changes will be made as soon as changes of schools are known. This may be an issue when the new school is employing a Teacher Assistant and the old school is required to give a Teacher Assistant 2 weeks notification of loss of hours. The payments can only be made to one school.

School levies – when students move to a different school during the year if levies are not paid at the previous school the new school follow up but if levies have been paid at the old school it would not be recommended a payment be forwarded to the new school. Jason will communicate this to all schools.

Minor works – not enough funds but there will be reviews if further funding is made available.

Report from HR Meeting

Leave not being applied for in ESS - Currently SAWM and ESS are two different systems that cannot work together – new systems that are being develop will generate and email to remind staff to put in leave and after 2-3 emails the Principal will be notified to follow –up.

TSAA to ask for representative on the Principal’s review

United Voice visits to school – currently they email the SBM to notify they are coming. They do not update their contact lists and it means that schools are not aware of pending visits. They will be asked to use school email address and not personal email addresses to alleviate this issue when SBM’s are on leave, retire or move schools.

Paul will provide information of how people can remove themselves from the relief registers

Jamie Synnott (South) and Ben Neate (North) contacts for new Business Operation Advisor positions

TSAA Executive Committee 2018/2019

Chairperson: Cynthia Pearce
Deputy Chairperson: Sharon Sutczak
Treasurer: Missy Thompson
Assistant Treasurer: Andrea Miller
Secretary: Kathy Dance
Assistant Secretary: Lea-Anne Berganti
Member: Jess Collins
Member: Kathy Dance
Member: Ali Dennison
Member: Sharon Lacey
Member: Gail McLaren
Member: Tania Oates
Member: Gail Reeves
Member: Lucy Robbins

Have you met? New TSAA Executive Members

Each newsletter we will be introducing SBMS from each region – thankyou to our willing participant’s for this bulletin!

Name: Sharon Lacey

I have been a School Business Manager for 18 years, and have worked in both the Primary and Secondary sectors. Earlier in my career I worked centrally for DoE and for other Government departments and also at RACT. I am also currently a Director of our own business taking an active interest in the financial and human resources aspects of our company.

My interest in nominating for the TSAA executive is driven by a desire to promote the interests of School Administration staff and to ensure schools are well supported by the Department to provide a professional service to our school communities. I also view it as a great opportunity to get to know more of my SBM colleagues in the North and North West of the state and learn from their experiences.

Name: Lucy Robbins

I commenced working with the Education Department with the Guaranteeing Futures team as a Pathway Planning Officer at Brooks High School, under the same work unit I then became a Youth Learning Officer where I worked with students at risk of leaving school and assisted them with their transition from high school to college or alternative pathways across various schools and colleges. In 2014 the Guaranteeing Futures team was made redundant and I was lucky enough to be offered a position as the SBM at East Launceston Primary School under the guidance and support of Lyn Steel. The journey for me as a SBM has been a very steep but valuable learning curve. The reason for wanting to work on the TSAA Board is to be able to learn and extend my professional capacity.

Name: Tania Oates

I have been employed with the Department of Education for the past 23 years and have been the School Business Manager at Bagdad Primary School for the past 15. I love working in a school environment where I am making a difference on student learning outcomes.

In my spare time I enjoy caravanning, motor bike riding and spending time with my family.

I am looking forward to being on the TSAA committee.

Centrepay Forms – New Process

There is no longer the requirement to post Centrepay forms to Centrelink. FinServ are now doing this so please email your Centrepay form and DOE form to FinServ for processing.


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