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23 November 2018

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Chairpersons Report

November 2018

Throughout this year, we have continued to actively work on a number of specific tasks along with ongoing liaison with DoE; providing support, mentoring, professional learning forums, sharing of information and promoting our Association to our members.

I wish to welcome our new TSAA Executive members; Tania Oates, Sharon Lacey and Lucy Robbins. We look forward to working together in the coming months and years.

Thank you to our outgoing Executive members; Jodi Smith, Libby Ashlin and Chairperson, Debra Lade. We appreciate the professional, collaborative and respectful manner in which you have all contributed to our Association over recent years, working hard to ensure relationships between the TSAA, schools and DoE corporate were transparent, honest and harmonious. Thank you also to Deb Lade for your active role on the AAGSA Committee, always striving to support, strengthen and grow our Association in alignment with our National Association and on behalf of administrators in all schools.

We are pleased to announce that our new TSAA website is now live; see the link below, please visit our new site, share with colleagues and save in your bookmarks!


Departmental Meetings

The TSAA has continued to meet with departmental Corporate Managers on a six weekly basis. On Monday 8th October 2018, Sharon Sutczak and I met with members of the DoE Finance and HR Teams.

Items discussed:

Debtors Letters – letter number one and letter number two are now both available and ready for use.

These can be accessed from Finance One. A Principal Signature bar has now been added. This cannot be individualised to include specific principals names however does provide a space for the principal to sign if they wish to. The Finance team are looking at printing / placement of these letter to ‘better fit’ into window face envelopes when folding.

If you are unable to make personal contact with a debtor prior to letter one being sent, you may record the date of any messages left.

Letter number two – this is to be sent out a minimum of 30 days after letter number one

Fraedom - Apologies from the Finance Team re the lack of communication with the changes to the Fraedom screens and procedure in the last week of Term 3.

CentrePay - Arrangements between schools when families have prior debts from previous schools or when families have more than one Centrepay payment in place need to be highlighted and manual intervention take place to ensure both debts are settled and payments are in place for multiple schools.

This responsibility sits with the parents however, it is recommended that schools check with families when setting up new Centrepay payments. Ask the question; “Do you already have Centrepay payments in place with another school” if yes – who etc….

Centrelink and DoE can only act on the permissions and forms that are in place and authorised by the parent

Qkr - Payment of debtor invoices / levies is currently being developed by Finance team to ensure Qkr payments match with Finance One correct debtor; edupoint and F1. They are also checking things like where any overpayments will sit, reporting etc.

Proposed Changes to Finance One Login – currently under investigation - Identity Management – will be driven by Empower – schools will be able to have the same user name and password for multiple schools (similar to Edupoint) with the option of the SBM and Principal to set-up users

SDR and 55-70 Students moving between schools – This can create issues when students start at a new school and the old school still needs to pay the Teacher Assistant for at least 2 weeks due to contract procedures, this can be an issue with schools short on funds. To be further followed up.

Budget Workbook - Upgrade during first week of school holidays created issues and was offline, resolved on 8th October. Apologies to schools.

HR Meeting

Employment Self Service – Currently exploring a new ESS and Relief platform still in test / development phase. DoE will be calling for a TSAA Representative to go onto reference group in coming months. Investigating if it is a possibility to scan medical certificates and statutory declarations into ESS however, this may slow the system down. A “Hot Fix” is to be rolled our soon, hoping this will address the slowness issues with ESS.

  • Employees must put in their own ESS applications; whilst SBM’s can encourage and assist it is the responsibility of individuals to keep these up to date
  • If ESS applications for leave become a problem SBM’s can email HROPS for assistance
  • New platform will issue automated reminders via email to individuals, if not attended to after two reminders an email will also go to the Principal and SBM
  • Looking ahead to establishing a new clearer DoE policy that states specifically that leave must be entered by the end of the next pay period

Professional Learning Institute (PLI) - are in the process of releasing their upcoming courses for 2019 many new courses to be offered across all levels and sectors for 2019. TSAA and the new Business Operations Personnel are working closely with the PLI in order to meet the needs of staff and offer support in areas of need.

Next DoE / TSAA Corporate Meeting Monday 26th November 2018

Sharon Sutczak and I recently attended two days of AAGSA – (Australian Association of Government School Administrators) meetings at Hawker College in Canberra along with 10 other State Representatives from throughout Australia; (Vic, WA, SA, NSW & ACT). This was a very busy, informative and productive two days, networking with interstate colleagues and discussing a broad range of agenda items.

Some of the business covered on these days included:

  • Update, re-align and amend the AAGSA Strategic Plan (5 year plan) in line with the Model Rules and Handbook
  • Looking at our branding and name – does this align with our strategic plan.
  • Connecting Business Managers and Principals – how do we do this better?
  • Recognising Business Managers as an integral part of School Leadership
  • Workforce Development and succession planning
  • New AAGSA Website; https://www.aagsa.net/view/home
  • Feedback from 2018 AAGSA Conference, held in Launceston, July 2018
  • Comparison of levels of Business Manager’s across states & US & UK models- compared to AITSL Standards
  • Comparison of roles and tasks of Business Managers across states
  • Sharing of State Reports

Cynthia Pearce
Tasmanian School Administrators Association

Kiosk Update

IT Services have advised they are currently still testing the Kiosk in 5 schools and still getting feedback re improvements. IT Services are also waiting on Learning Services to finalise the business rules that they will operate under eg visual sighting of WWVP card, etc as these need to be agreed so that they are used consistently across schools.

We still hope to advise schools before the end of this calendar year that they are available for purchase

Apology – Fraedom Upgrade

The recent Fraedom upgrade did not go as smoothly as we’d hoped. This was mainly due to a couple of reasons. Originally we had been told we could opt out of the upgrade which we agreed to do. In the last week prior to the upgrade we were informed this was no longer an option. From there it was difficult to get a test system from Fraedom prior to the implementation. Once the system was upgrade on the Monday and we had access, we updated the QRGs and look up guides based on the live system and got them ticked off internally and had then out within the first week. This wasn’t ideal however there was not a lot of opportunity to prepare in advance for this systems change.

Brett Hall – Manager – Financial Operations

EOY Carried Forward Example

This is an example of how to calculate your carried forward balance.

  • Export your Financial Summary Report to excel and add additional columns
  • When calculating your carried forward balance we look at the actuals.
  • The table at the bottom of the example is colour coded and self-explanatory
  • Blue is the actual balance available at the time of running your report
  • Flesh colour is the amount of expenditure you are estimating to the end of the year
  • Green is the expected revenue total to the end of the year.
  • Grey gives you the total of estimated rollover
  • Don’t forget to look at your outstanding debtors as these need to be allowed for in your carried forward calculations (this figure should be your budget in bad debts for 2019)
  • The additional columns allow for:
  • You to plan for any budget centre balances that need to be carried forward into 2019
  • 2019 Budget allocations

Veolia Timetable Holiday Season

Our operating schedule over the festive season is:

Handy Hints

Procedures for Planning Off Campus Activities Flowchart

Admin requirements – Office staff must file documents as per the link below.



VEMS - Tips

When completing VEMS to backfill a current position, enter the position number in the left hand side and it will pre populate information. On the right hand side please only enter information that you need to be adjusted.

Do not use ‘create a new position’ unless you have no vacant positions numbers available in SAWM (you can contact your Regional HR Team if you are unsure how to locate vacant position numbers). When a new position is created, it needs to go through a number of additional processes which makes the timeframe for approval much longer.

If you are in doubt, please contact your Regional HR Coordinator to discuss any issues with submitting VEMS.



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