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20 December 2018

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Chairpersons Report

Hi Everyone

As we head into the final few days of Term 4, 2018 I have been reflecting on what a busy year it has been. I hope everyone has survived the past few weeks of term without too much angst, stayed calm and kept smiling.

The TSAA have continued to work behind the scenes this term; tabling agenda items, discussing issues of concern and meeting with DoE Human Resource and Finance Teams at six weekly intervals. It is exciting to be moving forward with a number of DoE initiatives making progress with scheduled rollouts in 2019.

We are very excited to announce our 2019 TSAA Conference dates and venue. Our TSAA Conference will be held on 26th & 27th August 2019 at the Launceston Hotel Grand Chancellor. Further details will be published very soon. Please put these dates in your diary!

At our last meetings in Hobart on 26 November, the follow points were tabled and discussed;

Finance Team

1. Schools Energy Expenditure

  • Can be controlled with good practices
  • 2018 SRP - allocated extra to schools who demonstrated good practices
  • 3 year average – incentive to reduce costs – allocation not changed if you use less
  • Some schools escalating this can often highlight errors or infrastructure issues which can then be follow up on
  • Information in Bulletin in 2019
    - 2018 allocation based on 2012 – 2014
    - 2019 allocation based on 2014 – 2017
    - Explained in interim SRP notes

2. Qkr – rollout of debtor invoicing of levies for 2019

  • Currently testing issues matching debtor numbers
  • Success rate lower than anticipated – still in pilot stage
  • Qkr will need to be listed as a payment option on debtor invoices
  • 2019 roll-out – to be confirmed by Finance team

3. Finance One

  • Identity Management - anticipated mid 2019 – will replace vkey
  • Schools/ SBM’s & Principals will be able to add role
  • Employee able to have logon at more than one school, access via drop down box similar to Edupoint

4. SDR & 55-70 Students moving between schools, speak to Finance team if your school is finding it difficult to fund teacher assistants due to transient students where TA’s are specifically employed on contracts to cover these students

5. School carry overs – 25% or changing for 2019

  • Will remain at 25% for 2018
  • Finance review still to be signed off
  • Business Operations team will look at any concerns and discuss with individual schools

6. 30 day payment on invoices – ability to have payment terms reduced on levy invoices and at other specific times as required

  • Has been done on individual basis
  • Not the intent of the policy to have payments less than 30 days – policy allows for parents to have time to pay
  • Finance will consult with individual schools asking for variation to payment terms
  • Not available for levies due to DoE Levy Policy – maybe possibility for other debts – not to be used consistently
  • Rebecca Denis has been working on levy review documentation and policy

7. Finance One EOY

  • EOY – access in 2019 - Finance One will be accessible from Thursday 03/01/2019

8. Corporate card payments

  • No payments to be made for gift cards for student leavers – need to be invoice payment – payment through credit card breach according to Treasury this is a blanket policy – No room for movement on this!

9. Petty cash cheques

  • School Business Managers not being asked for proof of identity when cashing cheques at some banks – Finance team to follow up

HR Team

1. Update on ESS changes

  • New relief management system to go live 2019
  • Steering committee – Sharon England

2. SAAF Union Action

  • Employees should be made aware not to use government resources; eg signature block etc, emails to promote stop work action or other union activity
  • Principal responsibility to record who attend Stop Work Meetings not SBM
  • TOIL can be used to look after own children if approved by Principal

3. 2019 – Easter and ANZAC Day TOIL

  • HR to advise – likely to be same as occurred previously, agreement in place 205 - 2018
  • Subject to union claim – yet to be settled, new agreement to be approved

4. Wellbeing resources for SBM’s

  • Principal Wellbeing Action Plan 2019 –discussion paper currently with Principals
  • Admin workload project equivalent to Principal Wellbeing project
  • Shari Rider on steering committee
    - project senior management in schools
    - look at a variety of schools
    - draft on how it will be approached
    - Next year some outcomes may be known

Meeting with Rob Williams

1. Education Excellence Awards

  • Include this in future TSAA Bulletins

2. Associate Diploma of Business Administration Recognition

  • Not widely recognised by Principals
  • Rob suggested TSAA produce an article that could be included in Principal Matters – follow up approval required

3. National Framework for Business Managers

  • Discussion at AAGSA committee

On behalf of the TSAA I would like thank all SBM’s and Administration staff for their wonderful contributions, flexibility and commitment to their schools and the TSAA in 2018. I wish everyone a very happy festive season. Please take the time to relax and enjoy special times with your families and friends; stay safe, take some ‘Me’ time out for yourself and see you all in 2019.

Kind regards
Cynthia Pearce
TSAA Chairperson

2019 TSAA Calendar

The TSAA committee are in the process of designing and ordering the 2019 TSAA Calendar, one will be sent free of charge to you at the beginning of February. If you require extra copies for your administration staff Please email lea-anne.breganti@education.tas.gov.au by no later than the 20th Dec.

Learning Services Operations Team

The Learning Services Operations team provide support and advice to schools in the areas of Human Resources, Business Operations Support, Administration and Community Liaison.

Ben Neate and Jamie Synnott are the Director Operations of the North and South respectively and head up the Operations teams in their regions.

The teams are:

  • Community Liaison - where advice is provided for the resolution of issues involving students and families, emergency and community matters as they arrives and oversight of Ministerial responses to issues.
  • Administration – support and assistance is provided to the broader Operations teams and Learning Services leadership along with providing community assistance and guidance as requested,
  • Human Resources - where advice, support and assistance on individual workplace relations issues, staff transfers and placement is provided, and
  • Business Operations - where support and advice is provided to Principals and SBM’s in five key areas – Finance, Human Resources, Facilities, administration processes and Leadership of Business Operations.

Business Operations Team:

The Business Operations team has four Business Operations Advisors who will be providing support and assistance to the Principal and SBM’s in schools. This is a new team with two positions located in the North and two in the South.

The specific purpose of the Business Operations team is to advise, support and build the capacity and understanding of best practice business operations by Principals and School Business Managers, which will lead to improved student outcomes. The team will work with our Principals and SBM’s to build capacity to effectively manage resources, assist schools with the establishment of statewide consistent business operations practices and help to ensure business practices directly support the strategic goals and priorities of individual schools.

Our team has been working hard in the late part of the year by providing this service to a few of our schools who would have seen first-hand the new approach being taken. Further information about the Business Operations team will be provided in the new year via Principal matters and SASP updates.

Tough Conversations PL


One day professional development course
Author Michale Hawton MAPS
For Administrative Officers in Schools
Managing difficult, emotional or hostile situations

Monday 18th March 2019, Tailrace


Thursday 21st March 2019, Hobart PLI


For School Leaders
Holding students, parents or staff accountable for bad behaviour and breached expectations

Tuesday 19th March 2019, Tailrace


Wednesday 20th March 2019, Hobart PLI


Invoices will be emailed late January 2019



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