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15 March 2019

Newsletter Articles

Chairpersons Report

Welcome to new and continuing SBM’s and administration staff. I am sure you will all agree the first 5 weeks of 2019 has flown by, here we are already half way through Term 1. I hope everyone is managing their workloads, feeling settled, productive and embracing life in your school.

The TSAA continue to support administrators in schools by representing you at regular six weekly DoE Corporate Meetings and involvement on Focus and Project groups. During February, we met with the Finance and EPR Teams in Hobart along with our regular executive meetings in January and March. TSAA representatives also attended SAAF Meetings and Contemporary School Leadership Focus Groups throughout the state.

We have booked the venue and commenced the organisation of our 2019 TSAA Conference. Our Conference Theme for 2019 is ‘Together towards Tomorrow’. We are excited to be holding this year’s conference at the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Launceston on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th August. Please mark this date in your calendars. We will forward further information, booking details and conference programs as we move forward.

We have had a number of schools asking about the rollout of Kiosk this term. The kiosk has completed a round of enhancements based on feedback from schools during the pilot last year and is currently undergoing testing. The Kiosk team are also engaged with the Business Operations team to incorporate the kiosk into DoE policy for student attendance and visitor RWVP. DoE will keep us advised as they complete this work and have the kiosk back on-line and available in the ITS on-line shop later this year.

Department Meetings

Finance Team Meeting

Disability Funding Details for 2019 -

The Finance team recognise that it has been difficult for schools to organise and budget for Teacher Assistant hours due to the lack of student disability details this year. This is an interim phase with a new system being rolled out this year.

The functionality is now available through the school resourcing tool to change student numbers and see how your funding is affected.

Schools can access the DP Tab in SSS - this will confirm if a student has been approved for moderation. If the DP information is not documented it means students have not been approved. The Finance Team will include tips to assist schools in an upcoming SASP update.

Qkr – update

The Finance Team are currently testing invoicing functions with volunteer pilot schools. They are hoping to roll out this new functionality later this year.

Finance One Login – Identity Management

The Finance Team are continuing to make progress on this new system. This will enable SBM’s and Principals to give access to SBM’s in their schools and allow dual access where necessary.

School Levy review

Phase one of the School Levy Review has been completed with a planned implementation date of 2020 school year. Official communication to release all findings and then feedback re relevant points will go out in March / April 2019 with the draft policy by July, 2019

The Composite Levy is an important part of this review findings.

The strong point is ‘No student will be disadvantaged by not paying levies’.

Outstanding Debtors processes and collection

The Finance Team do recognise that the 2018 collection process was not as timely as we all would have liked. With debtor letters now available through Finance One it is suggested to start from scratch in 2019 in a timely manner. It is recommended that all schools offer payment plans and alternative methods of payment to ensure all family’s needs are met. The end process will include sending to debt collectors when all steps have been taken and seen as appropriate.

Finance to send communication in SASP Update

Prior year debts – the preferred option is for schools to clean up prior year debts therefore putting schools in a better position to collect current debts. Having large amounts of bad debts does impact on school carry overs.


The process of submitting and processing of Centrepay applications seems to have improved and is much more streamline. A reminder that forms are to go to Finserv only NOT Centrelink. Schools are to ensure debtor number is correct.

Finance Check List

The Finance team will endeavour to send out the ‘End of year list and start of year lists’ earlier this year than in 2018. These are very valuable, good reminders

Carry forward budget generally has improved; schools seem to have a better understanding around this process. Our Business Operations Advisors are having discussions with schools around the awareness of this and of best practice of chart maintenance.

Some schools are processing levies in Edupoint prior to STAS families being flagged. This is causing problems with STAS families receiving invoices. The end of year checklist is to include dates that levies can be processed.

A new tender will be advertised for the printing of invoices and statements. Hoping to avoid any repetition of duplication of printing which occurred late in 2018.

Banking of revenue

Communication is to be sent out to clarify this procedure. Please remember close out sessions in a timely manner. Schools can still bank with a variance if absolutely necessary. If this needs investigation follow up with Finance Team asap. It is preferred practice for schools to resolve issues however if you need assistance speak to the Finance Team. Email the Finance team if you have no alternative but to bank with a variance.

EPR Team Meeting

The EPR Team are following up on the printing of emergency contact information on the validation forms. EPR to communicate with schools clear protocol.

The Census is linked to national reporting protocols therefore it is very important that schools adhere to timelines when returning signed census confirmations. If students are overseas or between schools LSN need to make the decision and confirm. Schools also need to get in touch with LS if they have questions re inactive students at their schools.

Investigating a new system to replace Edupoint. EPR / DoE currently engaging with a range of stakeholders to formalise the tender process- will include TSAA representatives. There will be a transition process of 12 - 18 months. This new system will not include finance however it is hoped it will include admin, SSS and Saris - one system is preferred option. DoE are still requesting improvements with Edupoint because this new process will take time to implement. Administrative systems is a priority to minimise input of data and doubling up.

We encourage SBM’s and administration staff to join their local network groups. This is a great podium for networking, brain storming, sharing of ideas and finding solutions to everyday concerns. Please make contact with a TSAA Executive Member if you are unsure of your network group. We welcome feedback and points of discussion from Network Group Meetings and are happy to publish in our Bulletins.

We look forward to continuing our work to support administrators’ in schools in 2019. Please do not hesitate to make contact with a TSAA Executive Member if you have questions or concerns. We welcome your input and feedback. We are also keen to keep our Bulletin both interesting and informative. If there are items or topics of interest that you would like to see published in our Bulletin we would love to hear from you.

Cynthia Pearce
TSAA Chairperson

Don’t forget to have your say - Contemporary School Leadership Roles Project!

The goal of the Contemporary School Leadership Roles Project is to clarify the roles of our school leaders (Principals, Assistant Principals, Advanced Skills Teachers and School Business Managers) to focus on improving student learning.

A quick reminder of the opportunity currently available for school staff to provide their feedback on the functions performed by school leadership teams, both now and into the future.  

To complete the feedback form, please click here.

Alternatively, please copy/paste the following URL:


We encourage you to provide your feedback on the opportunities, challenges and share any observations or reflections on the functions or tasks currently being performed, that may be further simplified, removed or delegated to add the most value to student learning.

We estimate the feedback form will take no longer than 15 minutes to complete and all responses will remain anonymous.

If you encounter any difficulties completing this feedback form, please contact AU_CSLR-Project@pwc.com.

If you have any further questions in relation to the Contemporary School Leadership Roles project, please don’t hesitate to contact workforcestrategy@education.tas.gov.au.

The feedback form will close on 15 March, 2019.

Work & Training

Do you need extra assistance without the commitment of an additional employee?

Work & Training the largest Tasmanian company employing apprentices and trainees can provide you with a solution. Work & Training operates state-wide with highly skilled Business Consultants who deliver exceptional services and on hire employees to your organisation.

Group Employment is the easiest way to have trainees at your school; because you get all the benefits of carefully selected workers without the additional extensive recruitment process and paperwork involved. We will advertise, shortlist, interview and aptitude test the most suitable candidates and provide you with a selection of quality candidates for you to interview. Once successful candidates have been selected we then pay wages, superannuation, workers compensation, training fees and send a weekly invoice to the school during the term of the traineeship. If necessary allow one trainee to be hosted by multiple schools as work flow and budgets allow. During the traineeship we conduct regular contact visits with employees and supervisors to mentor and conduct performance appraisals in partnership with you. A dedicated Business Consultant will work with you and your trainee and is on call at any time to assist with issues that may arise.

Work & Training have for many years worked in partnership with schools and colleges to provide traineeships through the public education system. Over 350 trainees have been employed by Work & Training and hosted by schools and colleges located in all areas of the state. The qualifications the trainees have undertaken are Business, IT, Horticulture, Agriculture, Education Support, Sport and Recreation, Outdoor Education and Disability.

There are many wonderful stories of how our partnership with school has benefited our trainees and the schools that work with us. If you have the need for additional assistance and would like to give a young Tasmanian a career start please call Leanne Wallace on 0419044719 as we would be very happy to visit and provide you with more information.

Interstate Conference 2019

The TSAA are seeking expressions of interest from SBM’s who would like to attend an interstate conference in 2019.

The following Conferences are available;



8-10 May



22-23 August



7-9 July



3-5 April



August TBC



26-27 August Launceston Hotel Grand Chancellor



No conference in 2019



No conference in 2019



26-29 August

If you are interested in attending please apply using the selection criteria below: Please send your application to Gail Reeves via Ogilvie High School by 4th March 2019

Selection Criteria:

  1. Applicants must be a permanent School Business Manager, currently employed by the Department of Education, Tasmania working in a Tasmanian School/College with at least one year’s service as an SBM. In your application include your employee and position number, as well as your School/College.
  2. The applicants’ school must be financial members of the TSAA.
  3. Applicants must have the support of their School/College which must be verified in a signed, written statement by their Principal.
  4. The applicant's School/College must be prepared to make up any shortfall in costs. If not then the applicant must be prepared to do so from their own, or other available private funds. Either case requires a commitment from the School/College or the applicant. This must be given in writing in the application.
  5. Applicants must nominate which Conference they will attend and must use the funding to attend only that Conference.
  6. After their return applicants are required to write a full report that will be posted on the TSAA Website and be presented at a TSAA Executive Meeting.
  7. All applicants must be prepared to represent, in a positive manner, the TSAA, the Department of Education and Tasmania Education in general.
  8. Applications must include a statement on how they feel the experience will be of benefit to them, their School/College and to other School Business Managers.
  9. Any person will only be eligible to receive a grant once in every three years.
  10. All successful applicants must apply for a travel warrant.
  11. All applications are reviewed by the TSAA Executive.

Consideration needs to be given acknowledging our budget and to encourage and provide an opportunity to ALL School Business Managers.

If you have attended a conference within the last three years you are still able to attend another conference at your own or your school’s expense. TSAA will contribute to one conference within this period of time. This is professional learning and can be claimed as a tax deduction if you pay the cost yourself.

This is a great opportunity to compare practices, network and build on your knowledge and leadership capacity both in yourself and within your school teams.

Cynthia Pearce
School Business Manager / TSAA Chairperson

Introducing the Ogilvie High School Administration Team

The Ogilvie Admin team have hit the ground running this year. There have been many days where we have been a bit short of staff but the team have pulled together and gotten through the difficult days with professionalism (and with a bit of laughter and fun).

Our SBM Gail Reeves introduced Friday Pie Day and we all look forward to it with relish (Gail’s home grown tomato relish that is!).

Our photo shown above is sadly missing one of our integral members – Denise Howard. Denise has had to take sudden leave and we all miss her wisdom, professionalism and wonderful sense of humour. Denise has spent many years guiding our Admin department as Supervisor.

Martina McCleary is our Finance Guru and Admin Supervisor. Ask Martina about Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable and she always drops everything to assist. In fact Martina is happy to assist anyone with anything if they need it which is a wonderful quality in a work colleague.

Sarah Weaver, Tina Groot and Laura Hills are Ogilvie’s Clerks Extraordinaire. These ladies are helpful, caring and professional and lots of fun. They work very hard every day and are happy to assist anyone who may need it.

Peta Dargue has jumped on board the Ogilvie Admin Team and we are very happy to have her. Peta works very hard and is adapting quickly to our office requirements.

Lastly, my name is Kirsten Galgoci and I am the Acting Admin Supervisor and I have to say that I find it such a pleasure to work at Ogilvie. It’s been a very steep learning curve but I feel extremely supported by Gail, Martina and all the whole Admin team.

Kirsten Galgoci
Acting Admin Supervisor



I started my career with the Department of Education on a six week contract in 1993 and have been working in Corporate and schools ever since. I had 17 years at ECIS in Hobart and thought that I would stay there in my comfort zone forever. Michelle Castle, Rosetta Primary School, gave me an opportunity to do a stint at her school for 10 weeks while she was on LSL and with little confidence personally and professionally I move out of my comfort zone and have not returned to ECIS since. I soon realised that all schools have the same systems for HR, Finance, etc. and although I had a lot to learn about regular school environments the transition was easier than I thought. I was very lucky to work at JRLF Senior School with Tanya Kerfoot mentoring me. Her patience and support encouraged me to move on to greater things. I have worked at eight schools since leaving ECIS and have now been at Brighton Primary School a school of over 600 students for 3 years and love the work that I do and the people I meet.

In 2013 with the encouragement of colleagues and my Principal I decided to nominate for the TSAA Executive and have really enjoyed the experiences and personal growth that I have experienced over the past 6 years. I have been lucky enough to attend interstate conferences and be an Executive Member of AAGSA, the national body for School Business Managers. I have been involved with regular Department meetings with the Deputy Secretary (Corporate), Finance Team, HR personnel and staff from various other departments. I also have had opportunities to be part of some Department steering committees and this has been valuable in understanding the bigger picture of the Department and how staffing and resources are distributed.

I was privileged to have the Department give me an opportunity to complete my Associate Degree in Applied Business through UTAS and the University College, an achievement that makes me feel very proud and something that I thought I would never achieve.

Overall I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to develop a great network of colleagues and visit many States as part of my TSAA Executive role. I would encourage you all to nominate for the TSAA Executive some time through your career as I am sure you would enjoy the networking and development opportunities it offers.



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