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6 July 2018

Newsletter Articles

Chairpersons Report

Hi all, well we are nearly at the end of Term 2, I trust that student reporting and Parent/Teacher in your schools has gone smoothly without too much drama!!

Our meetings between Finance Team, Mark Watson – Industrial Relations, & Paul Gourlay – HR, Deputy Secretary – Robert Williams, Shane Frost - EPR and the TSAA are as always very productive. Some of the agenda items discussed at our meeting 4th June were: -

  • Debtors Letters – still waiting on Executive approval
  • Re printing in ECR banking - System slow, Need to log when system slow
  • Date, time, functionality, is it regular?
  • Gift cards can be purchased through Officemax - must be separate invoice and paid through Finance 1 and not Fraedom. Search gift cards on Officemax website (e.g. Choice, Dymocks) - Need to record details of purchase. More information will be provided to schools shortly.
  • ERMs Relief register - Currently under review
  • Schools Closed - If schools closed same rules apply to non-teaching and teaching staff Depending on situation
      - Work at another school closer to home
      - HR will approve on case by case basis
      - HR will inform processes that need to be followed at time of incident
  • Verification with Birth, Deaths and Marriages - new process to be approved, additional information will be required - e.g. how verified

Next Corporate meetings will be Monday 23rd July 2018.

If you have any agenda items please email Sharon Sutczak - sharon.sutczak@education.tas.gov.au

2018 AAGSA National Conference

The 2018 AAGSA National Conference, ‘Leadership – Build your Pathway to Success’ this will be held at Country Club Launceston 12th & 13th July 2018.

There are 100 delegates from across the nation registered of which 48 of those are Tasmanian. Thank you to those SBMs that have taken the TSAA’s subsidy incentive and are attending. I am sure that you will appreciate the value you will get from the professional speakers also the opportunity to network with other delegates across Australia which will be invaluable.

Our next TSAA Executive Meeting will be held Tuesday 3rd July 2018 at Launceston College.

Don’t forget if you have any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to contact myself or any of the TSAA Executive.

Deb Lade
TSAA Chairperson

TSAA Strategic Plan 2018 – 2020

Sub Committee Reports

The development of our new website has taken much longer than anticipated however we are almost ready to go live!! The new website will include; committee contacts, updated network groups, links to forum presentations, minutes of meetings, Facebook and newsletter links and conference information. If there are links or other information that you feel would be beneficial on the website please email Cynthia Pearce and we will do our best to have this included on our website. We look forward to going live in the next few weeks.

Promotion – We are continuing to clarify and confirm members of network groups across the state. We encourage Network Groups to make contact with TSAA committee members when planning upcoming meetings. Whenever possible we would like to attend your meetings to meet and offer support and encouragement to fellow SBM’s. Please let us know dates of any upcoming network meetings that you would like TSAA reps to attend and any changes to members or groups.

Jess Collins, Cynthia Pearce and Gail Reeves

Have you met? SBM Profiles

Each newsletter we will be introducing SBMS from each region – thankyou to our willing participant’s for this bulletin!

Name: Sheree Rodman

Current School: Sheffield School. We are a Kinder to Year 12 School with 3 campuses: Sheffield (main K- 12) Railton (K-4) and the School Farm.

Best part of your job: Knowing that you can make a difference. I love helping others and witnessing self-improvement. I enjoy the diversity of the role and feel privileged to work in an environment that has a commitment to support all learning, enabling individuals to pursue life opportunities. I work with an incredible team of motivated people who make work fun.

Biggest challenge in your job: Balancing the workload and prioritising the demands that comes with working in such a diversified role. There are competing objectives within schools and at times it can become quite challenging keeping everyone satisfied. We deal with a variety of personalities and it is important to identify that and show empathy

One piece of advice you would give a new or aspiring SBM: Good people skills are essential for the job. Communication is an important part of our role – this ensures that staff feel valued. Open communication is a key to building trust and developing a positive team environment. Empower staff with the knowledge to participate with decision making.

What is one thing you would like to see achieved through the TSAA in 2018: Guidance/assistance with re-invigorating the SBM network and conducting more frequent meetings.

Name: Jo Puccetti

Current School: Summerdale Primary School

Best part of your job: Working with awesome staff

Biggest challenge in your job: Accepting the fact that some days, despite our best efforts, we can’t get everything done.

One piece of advice you would give a new or aspiring SBM: Our SBM network is exceptional, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

What is one thing you would like to see achieved through the TSAA in 2018: The TSAA team are doing an amazing job, above and beyond their already busy SBM roles.

TSAA to advocate for the significant change needed to improve the quality of information on our DOE Intranet. This valuable resource is in dire need of an overhaul.

On a strategic level, the continued fostering of strong connections and networking opportunities between DOE/LS staff and SBM/Administration staff is important, as well a focus on regular forums throughout the year to build knowledge and strengthen relationships is invaluable.

Hobart Floods

May 11th 2018

We all know and saw the devastating floods on this day. Many schools and businesses were flooded and some were closed due to road damage or power outages.

For me, my day started at 1.30am when Chubb rang to say the alarms were going off – water in the fire panel will do that. The next call was a photo of a corridor which had turned into a paddling pool compliments from my EFA. It looked like a busy day ahead was on the agenda.

Overnight some places recorded over 130mm of rain, causing mass confusion to the Southern part of the state. On the radio it sounded like chaos, with road and school closures. Tasmanian police were advising everyone to stay at home which caused even more confusion.

For us our preventative work of clearing gutters 2 days before and checking areas of concern assisted and reduced the damage, However, when the water come in at ground level there is not much you can do. Our main areas were our corridors affecting access to classrooms, ceilings leaking with water running down through light switches and some ceilings collapsing. Our gymnasium flooded which is where the majority of our damage was done. Overall nothing too bad and we were able to stay open as our electrician came on sight early to clear the building.

After a few early morning calls back and forth to Principals of surrounding schools, Learning Services and arranging urgent maintenance staff to determine whether to remain open or close we chose to stay open as we already had students arriving. Phones were ringing well before start times with parents asking if the school was open or closed or to advise that their child wouldn’t be at school today.

We are finally seeing the tidying up process over a month later as they catch up on repairs. Overall a very busy time for some schools. Our saviour was our new carpet cleaner – this kept us open

We are also thankful for the staff from other schools who attended our schools on the day to assist with supervision of classes.

How to improve in the event of this happening again. Facebook – posting updates on Facebook for many of our community members is a must. This reduces phone calls and gives everyone the same message. If only I had access to that at 7.30am

To top our day off we had a fire alarm go off at 3.00pm - as you can imagine we could only laugh as we were very wet and soggy nothing was going to catch on fire. I love working in a school.

Gail Reeves
Business Manager (Ogilvie High)

Registration for Working with Vulnerable People

Whilst it is understood that the RWVP Act allows exemptions in certain circumstances, the Department of Education has determined, that given the nature of the Department’s regulated activities within the Department of Education and associated risk of harm to children, exemptions will not apply. Accordingly all employees, volunteers, contractors and external providers are required to maintain a current Tasmanian RWVP.

The Department of Education is comprised of multiple sites including child and family centres, schools, colleges and LINCs. Due to the diverse nature of child related activities that occur at these sites, the Department of Education considers exemptions to be unmanageable and may create a risk to children and other vulnerable people.

There are however, situations under which RWVP is not applicable

The requirements for RWVP does not apply to parents/guardians/relative or government officials in the following situations:

  1. Dropping off or collecting children, including short periods of settling children in class where the teacher is present.
  2. Attending school community events (assemblies, school sports carnivals, plays and concerts, whole school LIFT event) where they are not direct participants and/or do not assist in the organisation or execution of these events.
  3. Attending school public events (fairs, sporting match open to the public, opening of a new building, new program/imitative launch) where on occasion a person may be a participant (e.g. media accompanying a politician launching a new school program).
  4. Attending school for a parent information evening, parent/teacher interviews or to hear a guest speaker.
  5. External providers working within the fenced area of a construction project where the DoE or a school/business unit engages a construction company as a principal contractor.
  6. An emergency management worker engaged in the regulated activity for the purposes of dealing with an emergency.
  7. External providers utilising DoE premises, outside of school hours, for an event/room hire, training course or similar which is not a DoE child regulated activity.
  8. An individual who is seeking employment with the DoE, for vacancies advertised via the Careers with the Tasmanian Government site, is not required to hold a Tasmanian RWVP at the time of application. However, an individual must obtain Tasmanian RWVP (Registration Status – Employment) in order to be appointed. The cost associated with obtaining RWVP is the responsibility of the individual.

As visiting AEU staff are not ‘engaging and interacting in a child regulated activity’ with students, they are NOT required to have RWVP. These people would also be supervised during their visits by DoE staff at their presentations/meetings. If the staff were engaging and interacting in a child regulated activity, we would expect current Tasmanian RWVP to be held. In most cases, union representatives are in staff only areas and have DoE employees present.

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